200 miles, 3 cups of tea, 1 happy Client: Bristol and back in a day: 27th Feb 17

A slightly unusual one last Friday, as I hopped on the bike and rode down to Bristol to shoot some portraits. The Client was Helen Nott, CEO of the Charlton Nursery Group. She needed some new shots for an upcoming PR piece and news article about female entrepreneurs.

Helen hadn’t had professional shots done before and despite her protestations of nerves was a pleasure to work with. Luckily the day was warm (for February) so I arrived with my fingers not too frozen and could still feel the camera. We found several locations in and around the nursery and with a couple of wardrobe changes created a sizeable bank of portraits. 

Helen and Jess Morgan from Carnsight (, her PR agency, were delighted with the outcome. And I was delighted it only took 2hrs 15 to ride home from Bristol to London in Friday rush hour traffic. Thank goodness for motorbikes! Here are the two final images which were chosen.

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